An international transport service that stands out

Since the early eighties, Durocher International specializes in flat bed operations throughout North America. The company has acquired the expertise needed to maintain a safe and reliable service over the years.

An international transport service that <span>stands out</span>
Durocher mur

The company serves a large clientele from the manufacturing, mining and energy sectors, mainly established in Quebec, Ontario as well as the US East Coast.

Even stronger because it is a TFI International company (a recognized North American transportation and logistics leader), Durocher International offers a turnkey service tailored to the specific needs of each of its customers.

Ever member of our team is rigorous and professional in ensuring that each client’s merchandises is transported safely and on time.

Our vision and values

Durocher International is on its way to becoming a true leader in the flatbed transportation industry in Canada and the United States. Our values are based on professionalism and materialize in various ways:

  • Commitment to all our customers
  • The safety of our employees, equipments and transported goods
  • The well-being of our employees
  • Our commitment to the community
Our vision and <span>values</span>