On the Canadian and American territory

Leader in platform transport

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On the Canadian and American territory

Durocher International

Leader in transportation services

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Durocher International
<span>International</span> transport services

International transport services

Discover a reliable and safe transportation company in which all employees work to provide high quality service. Resolutely focused on the satisfaction of each of our customers, we are able to meet all your transportation needs on Canadian and American roads.



Specialized transport

We adapt our services according to our clients’ needs, either if it is for conventional or dimensional loads. We put in great efforts to constantly evolve in order to provide the best service possible.



We offer a warehouse of 50 000 square feet and 1 million square feet secured property, allowing storage of various products. Our facility is secured and monitored 24/7.



Benefit from Durocher International’s reliable service and expertise that has expanded to logistics over the past decades. Our logistics team is dedicated to customer satisfaction, every step of the way, guaranteeing execution within established deadlines.

A carrier known for <span>its reliability</span>

A carrier known for its reliability

Living the Durocher International experience means discovering a variety of high-quality services, and above all, taking advantage of the rich expertise that we have built since 1980 in international road transport, warehousing and logistics.

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The transport of materials is our specialty. Need any proof? Ask for a quote: you will be satisfied!

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<span>A career</span> that takes you far

A career that takes you far

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